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Alex Brown alexb at griffinbrown.co.uk
Wed Nov 3 13:22:52 CET 2010

Dear all,

> Also, it might be worth refreshing ourselves on how patent disclosures and
> declarations work in ISO.  We don't interrogate vendors about patents in
> study groups, or at least not with any expectations of a response.  WG's
> develop specifications with normative requirements and then we ask
> whether _anyone_ is aware of patents that would be necessary to
> implement these requirements.  If any are raised, this information is sent to
> ITTF who then contacts the rights owner to see if they will submit a patent
> declaration using the "Patent Statement and Licensing Declaration" Form.

This is exactly right, as I understand it. Of course the earlier such patent awareness is made plain, the better ...

- Alex.

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