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Alex Brown alexb at
Wed Nov 3 15:08:28 CET 2010

Dear all,

Thinking about the "RER" approach (though this applies whatever route is taken), one key factor we need to take into account is the "ripple effect" of creating a RER: all normatively referenced technologies used by the RER need themselves to have a RER if they are not International Standards themselves, or standards from an Approved RS Originator (ARO).

An exception can be made "when the level of detail involved would be so time-consuming to assemble, and difficult to interpret, that its collection
would be counterproductive." In which case, this need to be explained.

I have put the first cut of a list of referenced technologies at: 

Some of these are defined in the  appnote itself, others are available from sources which wouldn't require a RER (for example the DEFLATE algorithm is defined in RFC 1951), and other may be arguably too hard to specify. 

Thoughts / comments / refinements / corrections welcome, as always ...

- Alex.

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