Referencing ripple effect ...

robert_weir at robert_weir at
Wed Nov 3 16:55:38 CET 2010

sc34wg1study-bounces at wrote on 11/03/2010 10:08:28 AM:
> Dear all,
> Thinking about the "RER" approach (though this applies whatever 
> route is taken), one key factor we need to take into account is the 
> "ripple effect" of creating a RER: all normatively referenced 
> technologies used by the RER need themselves to have a RER if they 
> are not International Standards themselves, or standards from an 
> Approved RS Originator (ARO).

Of course, if you made ZIP and ISO standard you would have exactly the 
same problem, right?  You would need to process any external normative 
references in that specification as RER's.  So there is really no net 
savings by taking a IS route over an RER route for ZIP.  It is the same 
ripple effect either way.


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