Draft Report of teleconference, 2010-11-17

Rex Jaeschke rex at RexJaeschke.com
Wed Nov 24 19:47:22 CET 2010

Feedback on the minutes

Regarding Attendance, it seems quite odd to list the people who are on the
ZIP mailing list but who did not attend (like myself). Presumably this was a
WG1 teleconference, in which case I would expect to see all the WG1 NB and
liaison members who attended plus invited guests, if any, without
distinguishing who was there for WG1 and who was there for the ZIP stuff

The term "study group" has meaning in JTC 1, so I suggest '"Zip" study
group' be changed to '"Zip" study period" as that was the title of the
activity authorized by SC 34.


Rex Jaeschke
IS 29500 Project Editor

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> Dear all,
> Please find a draft report of last week's WG 1 teleconference attached.
> Please let me have your corrections.
> For participants not on the call, please note that a strong consensus
> emerged that producing a "profile standard" seemed like the best way
> forward for bringing Zip into a standards environment, and that work is
> underway drafting some text for a NWIP proposing this.
> This "profile standard" is envisaged as an International Standard which
> references the PKWare appnote using the RER mechanism, and which
> provides its own constraints, clarifications, etc.
> - Alex.
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