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> Given:
> The deliverables of this project shall be:
>    •    Specification of a minimal compressed archive format suitable
> for immediate use with the
>         document standards named above
>    •    Specification of XML serializations of archive data for
> validation purposes
>    •    Specification of a mechanism for exposing archived document
> structure, when those archived
>         documents are XML
> Is that all we have for a scope?
> Is that a given? Note it's pretty weak.
> Can we redefine a scope?

That was the scope proposed in the original NWIP (N 1414).  The ballot to 
approve that project failed.  So I do not believe that we are limited to 
the original scope.  In fact, the failure of that ballot suggests that the 
scope may need to be adjusted and/or clarified.

My understanding is that we're now doing a "stage 0" activity, where one 
possible outcome is a new NWIP proposal with a new scope.  The terms of 
this study period activity is defined by N 1494.



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