News from the API side : ZIP Module EXPath Candidate Module 12 October 2010

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I'm pleased to announce the first draft for the ZIP Module
specification is now available at:

To quote from the spec:

'This specification defines a set of functions to read and write ZIP
files structure and actual content. It has been designed as a general
ZIP tool set for XPath, while it is expected to be particularly useful
with document package formats based on XML and ZIP, as for instance
[EPUB], [Open XML], and [OpenDocument].'

Though this is a collaborative work, the original design and
for this module was by Florent Georges.

Florent's Saxon (Java) implementation is still the only free
implementation of this specification available, however, a separate
implementation (using Saxon.NET) is now incorporated in Qutoric's
commercial XPath and XSLT test/publishing tools.

All comments are welcome.


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