News from the API side : ZIP Module EXPath Candidate Module 12 October 2010

Alex Brown alexb at
Tue Oct 12 14:26:44 CEST 2010

Mohamed hi

Thanks for that - I think it illustrates some of the issues this group should be considering.

First of all, it is interesting in itself to see a draft spec for something which uses Zip, yet which does not formally reference any Zip specification. We do however see that XML-in-Zip can be found in "EPUB, OpenXML and OpenDocument". Yet in my understanding, these three formats all use a slightly different version of Zip:

- EPUB  appears to use a constrained version of whatever  is the latest version of the PKWare appnote

- ISO/IEC 29500 uses a quite heavily-profiled version of the PKWare appnote 6.2.0

- ISO/IEC 26300 uses a somewhat profiled Info-Zip note (and the current ODF 1.2 draft uses a profiled version of the PKWare appnote 6.2.0) 

So it's possible for an EPUB resource to have used (say) UTF-8 encoded strings for its item names, or the ZIP64 extensions. I doubt it is possible to write an application in Java (using its standard Zip libraries anyway) which will handle such packages.

(BTW, I see the publisher of OOXML is given as ' Microsoft Corporation' - surely some mistake!)

- Alex.

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