An outline proposal

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Your first proposal condition was 
"1. Provide a compressed archive format for general use."
and I was disagreeing with that.

I believe we want a package format for documents, and the intention is to use Zip as the basis.  I trust we will resolve that quickly, because the moment Zip is not the basis I can spend my efforts elsewhere.

When I mean fundamental Zip I mean a constrained subset of PKWare Zip format that works as a packaging form with high portability and is not required to deal with the issues of transporting of archived materials (like TAR, TGZ, PAX [all Unix acronyms for archive formats], and the general Zip archive format).

I expect that a Zip/D would be such a limited profile defined as a free-standing specification.

I don't expect legal issues at that level and don't see any reason to consider alternatives because of legal issues unless there are any.

Microsoft OPC is specified in ISO/IEC IS 29500-2:2006 and the last time I checked, it is an ISO Standard.  OPC is also used in XPS (XML Paper Specification [last time I checked], an ECMA specification for final-form formats suitable to submission to printers, I believe) and are interesting for their rationalization of inter-part dependencies within a package and also referencing parts via external-to-the package IRI Reference resolvers.

I use Zip/D, Zip/D0, ..., Zip/D2 as conceptual placeholders for the kind of thing I suspect we are after here and what I would like to encourage, at least through Zip/D1, or Zip/D+XML or whatever we'd call it.

 - Dennis

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On 13 October 2010 19:07, Dennis E. Hamilton <dennis.hamilton at> wrote:
> I said,
> " I don't think we are clean-sheeting, and I will resist any effort to do
> so."
> I meant with regard to the fundamentals of Zip that are the substrate needed
> for document applications.  I think there may need to be some creativity
> with regard to additional glue needed inside a Zip/D for document
> applications, but that doesn't interfere with Zip compatibility in the
> larger world of Zip usage.

There's another one, Zip/n ??

Since the group hasn't been given a scope and I believe we need one,
I started with a clean sheet, having no options.

I'm not sure what you're putting on the table as our scope?
zip? Legal getting in the way.
M$? Not an iso standard, just incidental isn't t?

Tks for the other acronyms.



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