Draft NWIP

Andrew Rist andrew.rist at oracle.com
Fri Jan 7 02:16:37 CET 2011

Hey Rob,
Trying to get in just under the wire...

Have a couple of type issues (don't know if they've already been identified:

    But we do see benefits for *an* proposed multi-part standard

need to be "a proposed multi-part"

    *he *present proposal is for Part 0, the base specification of the
    Document Container File.

needs to be "The present proposal"

Also, +1 on Core or Foundation as opposed to "basic requirements" for 
the part title.


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On 12/16/2010 8:04 AM, robert_weir at us.ibm.com wrote:
> This is a first draft of a possible NWIP for a ZIP-based Document
> Container File IS.
> Note this has not been reviewed by anyone else yet within the group.  So
> take this as merely a straw man proposal that we can refine or reject.
> Regards,
> -Rob
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