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I expect this would not materially change the proposal draft, but one
comment/statement I have is...

Under "Scope", the reference "...provisions of the latest version
(6.3.2) of PKWARE's ZIP Application Note..." specifically calls out
6.3.2.  Based on comments we've heard through this group, PKWARE is
working to provide a clarifying draft of the APPNOTE that we anticipate
may help the RER use of the APPNOTE by addressing the issue of
referencing elements within the APPNOTE.  It will also provide more
clarity on both conformance and IP, highlighting in greater detail the
specific sections that would be impacted by IP to further identify which
elements of ZIP would require a license and which would not.  This
revision would not change or introduce any new storage attributes, but
would have a higher version number TBD (i.e. 6.3.3?)...  

I expect a draft of this APPNOTE will be available sometime ahead of the
March session.  Anyone interested in previewing this can contact me

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Were there any other comments on the substance of the NWIP draft?  I 
understand that there is some time pressure to get the proposal
for the Plenary agenda.  So please forward along any additional
say by the EOD Friday, and I'll send out a revised draft.



"MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given)" <eb2m-mrt at asahi-net.or.jp> wrote on 
12/20/2010 05:34:41 PM:

> > We wanted to make it clear that the NWIP was for only a single part

> > what could eventually be a multipart.  But future parts would need 
> > own NWIPs or subdivisions.  How do we express this?
> By submitting a NWIP for a multi-part standard containig a single
> Future parts can be started by project dubdivisions or a NWIP.  I
> believe that it is possible to convert a non-multi-part standard to a 
> multi-part standard later.  All what we can do is to add more parts.
> Cheers,
> Makoto

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