GB-0002 for all four DCORs

Francis Cave francis at
Fri Dec 11 10:35:27 CET 2009

My recollection is that we agreed to change 'current' to 'fifth', but 'fifth
or later' would also be acceptable.



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> Subject: GB-0002 for all four DCORs
> Both Japan and UK mentioned the idea of replacing "the current Edition"
> and "the latest Edition" by "the fifth or later Edition" in the
> proposed
> rewording (see below) for the footenote for the 4th edition XML1.0,
> although I am not sure if we agreed on this change.
> > Implementers should be aware that a further correction of
> > the normative reference to XML to refer to the current
> > Edition will be necessary when the related Reference
> > Specifications to which this International Standard also
> > makes normative reference and which also depend upon
> > XML, such as XSLT, XML Namespaces and XML Base,
> > are all aligned with the latest Edition
> Cheers,
> Makoto

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