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Hi all,


Doug wrote to me to get clarification on my suggestions for improvements to the comment collection form, and it gave me a chance to ponder over it again. I thought it'd be a good idea to share my thoughts with you.




"Comments on comments"

We talked briefly about this on Okinawa, and just to repeat myself, I think it would be of great benefit if we could add comments to submitted DRs in much the same way we use blogs and to some extent, wikis. Combined with the "Export"-features to e.g. PDF or OOXML, it would be much easier to have the comments in the same system as the DRs instead of the project editor having to manually move any comments from the mail list to the exported document.


"Clause number references"

The tool currently "just" supports supplying a single clause number for reference and all other relevant clauses are to be simply c/p'ed into the DR. This is highly inefficient since the data quality suffers from this and any references to anything but the "primary reference" will not be available for querying or automatic processing. I would suggest having the possibility of supplying the following data:


A (comma separated) list of Part #, section #, Page #. We could either define a format/grammar for this as e.g. :


[Part #],[Section #],[Page #]; (or whatever the correct notation would be, I'm sure you get the idea). So someone might submit the following:


"The compatSetting-element is not correctly added after BRM"

References: 1,,1293;4,9.7.3,62;4.A.1,863


For the references


Part 1, Section, Page 1293

Part 4, Section 9.7.3, Page 62

Part 4, Section A.1, Page 863


This way we'd be able to make a much more fine-grained cross-reference when dealing with the DRs and it would assist the project editor in making the addition/improvements to the text.


"Use full width of browser-window"

Minor annoyance: Please don't constrain the width of the content of the page of the comment collection form. On my screen the form uses about 40% of the available space, and it kind of a waste.


It was a pleasure working with you on Okinawa.



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