The Handling of Trivial Editorial Defects

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Sat Feb 7 13:15:17 CET 2009

This coming week, I hope to publish an updated version of the DR log.

For trivial editorial defects (involving spelling, grammar, punctuation,
white space, and so forth), rather than incur the overhead of having a
separate DR for each, I will create one DR for each Part, and add new
entries to that, in clause number order, as they arrive. Attached is the
list I have found for Part 1.

As editor, I get to dispose of such editorial defects. I think it will be
much less work for all of us if you simply send them to me in email, and I
just add them to the next revision of the log (where they'll be shown as
tracked changes, so you can see what's new in that version).

Non-trivial editorial defects (such as changes to examples in DR 08-0010 and
08-0011) will each continue to go in its own DR entry in the log.



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