stylesWithEffects / musings ?

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at
Thu Feb 11 12:55:21 CET 2010


> Poring over some office-o-tron logs I'm coming across an OPC Relationship:
> <Relationship Id="rId3" Type="" 
> Target="stylesWithEffects.xml" />

I believe that stylesWithEffects.xml uses MS Office 2010 extensions. 
Strictly speaking, its validity is not required by 29500. 

> The pointed-at document has a root element of w:styles in the Standard's Namespace 
>("") and so
>should be validated according to the Standard schemas, 

It can be validated only after preprocessing as specified in Part 3 is

>yet what
>specifies the relationship between documents and schemas?

The target namespace of each schema file does.  Extension specifications
(in this case, [MS-DOCX] available at [1]) can also specify which schema
should be used for which namespace.  

> Are extension writers permitted to create extensions in the Standard namespaces? 

Extensions in standardized namespaces are not allowed, but Part 3
already allows foreign elements.  In particular, the NVDL script in Part
3 formally allows such foreign elements.  So, no matter what the 
content model in Parts 1 or 4 is, foreign elements are allowed.

>Should they be? Can they re-define the semantics of standardized

What do you mean by "semantics"?

> Should a validator inspect XML document for known Namespaces and apply 
> schemas as appropriate, I wonder.?

In my understanding, validity of styleWithEffects.xml is not required by
25900.  If you try to validate it, you are guessing the semantics of 
MS Office 2010 extensions.



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