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Thu Feb 11 13:50:37 CET 2010


>> yet what
>> specifies the relationship between documents and schemas?

> The target namespace of each schema file does.

That makes sense, but is it specified anywhere? Obviously we can't know about future extensions using unknown XML constructs - but when we encounter an extension using elements/Namespace we know about, then can we know what action to take?

> Extensions in standardized namespaces are not allowed

I'm confused. This unrecognised part makes of a standardised Namespace. Does anything in the text state whether this is okay or not?

>, but Part 3 already
> allows foreign elements.  In particular, the NVDL script in Part
> 3 formally allows such foreign elements.  So, no matter what the content
> model in Parts 1 or 4 is, foreign elements are allowed.

I believe that is a matter of opinion, since the text can be ready many ways. In particular, Part 3 is not referenced by Part 1 and the first stated conformance requirement for documents is that they are schema-valid. This is the subject of a current GB defect report.

> What do you mean by "semantics"?

Well, everything really. For any given element x mentioned in the standard, it has a schema-defined content model together with (sometimes) datatyping and narrative description. Does this mean this is the *only* way this element can be used, or can extension writers override what the standard allows when that element occurs in an extension?

> In my understanding, validity of styleWithEffects.xml is not required by 25900.
>  If you try to validate it, you are guessing the semantics of MS Office 2010 extensions.

But the elements it uses are defined by standard schemas. So I repeat my question, are such elements - used in extensions - subject to the constraints of 29500?

I think it would be helpful for the text to be clear on this point ...

- Alex.

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