OOXML extension for Japanese Layout Requirements

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Sat Feb 20 04:24:42 CET 2010

> Shawn,
>> One thing that would help me understand this feature would be to see a
>> sample document.
>> I'm hoping that if I can see a sample document, the relationship between
>> this feature and existing margins support will become more evident ( I
>> know they're different, I'm just not sure how ).

Here is an example that probably goes beyond what Murata-san is proposing
at the moment. (And I hope I don't muddy the waters.)

But it is an example that shows that, frankly, I think Word has a way to
go to make it easy for CJK users to follow CJK design principles like the
grid, even though it has many great features for CJK.

In CJK publishing, the grid is the basic design principle. It not only
determines line lengths and margins, character sizes, indents, but also
placements of graphics and so on.

I made up a little document today in Office 2007. The top uses complex CJK
characters but I have repeated it below using a very simple CJK character
to make the point clearer.

You can see that the grid is disrupted by the graphic.

Murata-san can correct me with this, but my expectation would be that, in
order to fit in with CJK design principles and expectations, the text
block next to the graphic should align with the larger block on the right
side, with these (full-width) characters aligned horizontally as well as
vertically. Certainly I don't recall ever seeing any Chinese printed
material with this kind of bulge.

And if you move the graphic a bit, it can go from a bulge to a concavity:
a few of these and you get a ripply right margin! At the moment, a user
has to wobble the graphic until there is some alignment, by hand. This
example may seem a small thing in isolation, but I hope it shows that the
grid's effect is quite pervasive.

Rick Jelliffe
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