DR 09-0287 - OPC: Fragments clause unnecessary

Shawn Villaron shawnv at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 5 19:26:29 CET 2010

Here is our proposal for addressing this DR.

Suggest the section be struck.   No numbering adjustment will result in the elimination of this section, but the TOC will need update.

Remove from Table of Contents:
                9.2.2     Fragments...//...19

Remove Part 2, §9.2.2, "Fragments", p. 19

9.2.2  Fragments
Sometimes it is useful to address a portion of, or a specific point in, a part. In URIs, a fragment identifier is used for this purpose. (See RFC 3986.)
[Example: In an XML part a fragment identifier might identify a portion of the XML content using an XPath expression. end example]

See attached for additional context for this response.



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