Possible defect - sanity check

Alex Brown alexb at griffinbrown.co.uk
Fri Jan 15 15:08:42 CET 2010


Gareth and I have been puzzling over an error reported by office-o-tron
and I'm just wanting a sanity check before operating the machinery to
submit a DR.

Submitting some "real" files (e.g. as created by Office 2007 or the SDK)
generates the bizarre message:

Entry with MIME type
"application/vnd.openxmlformats-package.core-properties+xml" has
unrecognized relationship type
ore-properties" (see ISO/IEC 29500-1:2008, Clause
     1 problem found with OPC package

This is because the spec itself ( specified the required
relationship IRI in this case as


Which (for a package relationship, seems wrong to me).

Is this what it seems: a typo in the spec?

- Alex.

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