Generating a master set of schemas from the published Strict and Transitional schemas

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at
Thu Jan 21 03:52:15 CET 2010

> > I have not considered RELAX NG schemas yet.
> What is the current situation. Are they manually synchronized with XSDs
> or are they generated automatically?

Most of the original RNG schemas in 29500 were automatically generated 
by XSLT, ruby, make, etc.  Others were written by hand from scratch.

The converter from XSD to RNG was first written by Rick Jelliffe as an
XSLT stylesheet.  I extended it significantly, and I added ruby scripts 
and makefile.  The converter works but it is complicated and might 
not be easy to maintain.  But if you are interested, I'm happy to 
send the converter to you.

> The real question now is to whether I should learn F# or Scala. ;-D

I don't think you have to.  You might want to concentrate on XSLT, 
which is primarily for extracting S and T schemas from merged schemas.
But you might want to edit merges schemas by hand and propose 
changes to my F# program for merging.

F# and Scala demonstrate type inference in real programming.  I enjoy it
a lot.


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