Off-topic. (Re: Generating a master set of schemas from the published Strict and Transitional schemas)

Rick Jelliffe rjelliffe at
Thu Jan 21 05:05:50 CET 2010

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) wrote:
>>> I have not considered RELAX NG schemas yet.
>> What is the current situation. Are they manually synchronized with XSDs
>> or are they generated automatically?
> Most of the original RNG schemas in 29500 were automatically generated 
> by XSLT, ruby, make, etc.  Others were written by hand from scratch.
> The converter from XSD to RNG was first written by Rick Jelliffe as an
> XSLT stylesheet.  I extended it significantly, and I added ruby scripts 
> and makefile.  The converter works but it is complicated and might 
> not be easy to maintain.  But if you are interested, I'm happy to 
> send the converter to you.
>> The real question now is to whether I should learn F# or Scala. ;-D
> I don't think you have to.  You might want to concentrate on XSLT, 
> which is primarily for extracting S and T schemas from merged schemas.
> But you might want to edit merges schemas by hand and propose 
> changes to my F# program for merging.
> F# and Scala demonstrate type inference in real programming.  I enjoy it
> a lot.
I think the biggest design problem with the original scripts was that 
they were based on document-by-document transforms: 1 RNG in = 1 XSD 
out. What I should have done is inserted all the RNG schemas in one big 
fat XML document first: that would have made it possible to keep 
entirely within XSLT2 I think: this is how I approached the XSD to 
Schematron converter, and it gets rid of much housekeeping code.  I 
think it would be neater to do that than to have the mixed strategy of 
XSLTs + scripts.

Rick Jelliffe

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