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I don't remember seeing this particular document.  Given that it is dated a few days AFTER the BRM, I suspect that may be the case with most of us.  There may well be shortcomings in the annex, but surely the accessibility community could produce more useful documents (with broader input from appropriate experts) outside the standards process.  I haven't read this in detail, but know that criticisms wrt accessibility (not only in relation to OOXML) are often criticisms of applications not of formats.


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Hi all,


Just to clarify - I was not asking anyone to volunteer to review this or that paper. I completely agree on our project editor's Rule of Engagement to "carry it home myself".


I was simply asking if anyone know what had happened the critizism in  the referenced paper.



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Hi Jesper,


What ever happened to the "you shoot it, you carry it home" rule? J


But seriously, there were many such documents written about DIS 29500 in 2007.  Is there a reason you're concerned about this particular one?  It seems to me that the authors of it would be the best persons to ask about its status, although perhaps somebody from Canada could let us know if they recall any details.


- Doug


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I apologize - I missed including the link: 



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Hello all,


I have been looking a bit into accessibility-support in OOXML, and I found this paper from beginning of 2008 that evaluates the guideline document that was later incorporated into OOXML.


Can anyone give a status of this document - specifically if all points have been dealt with? A cursory glance over the annex in 29500 reveals that quite a few of the points of critique has been incorporated into the annex.


I am interested in the current/ongoing status of this document - can anyone help here? Maybe one of the Canadian experts, that were the prime motivator behind this in Geneva?


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