Problem with a decision made on last week's WG4 telcon

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Tue Jan 26 19:41:35 CET 2010

On last week's telcon, we addressed a number of miscellaneous issues that
had been circulated by email, and that had been found by reviewers after the
ballot had ended.

I am in the process of implementing them and came across the following,
which the recent telcon minutes show as WG4-0013:

The namespaces
occur on pp. 3991 and 4010 of the original Part 1.  However, they should
have been

This fixes errors in examples, which are non-normative. As such, it does NOT
meet the criteria for being in an amendment. As such, I have NOT included
this in the amendment. Instead, it should be submitted as a DR for the next


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