Problem with a decision made on last week's WG4 telcon

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at
Fri Jan 29 01:40:31 CET 2010

> So my guess is that the "second half of this issue" fell into the same
> category and would be handled by a new DR.

No, in the case of #85, what was postponed is to replace an old
incorrect namesapce to an OLD correct namespace, which already 
exists in Part 2.  Thus, it is very reasonable to argue that such an
editing action is outside the scope of this FPDAM.  However, in this
case, what you are proposing to postpone is to relace an old incorrect
namespace to a NEW correct namespace (a PURL).  The introduction of this
namespace is certainly in the scope of this FPDAM.

> In any event, the minutes from
> last week's teleconference have no record of that "second half of this
> issue".

So, the minutes have to be fixed.


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