New document (N 0120) containing FDAM1 files for consideration on next week's teleconference

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Thu Jan 28 19:02:30 CET 2010

I just sent SC34-WG4/2010/N 0120 to Ecma for posting to the website (which
probably won't happen until tomorrow, my time). Please look at its contents
in preparation for next week's teleconference. This zip contains the
following files:

1.	The responses to the comments for Part 1
2.	The Part 1 FDAM
3.	The responses to the comments for Part 4
4.	The Part 4 FDAM
5.	A document identifying editorial changes made to the FDAMs made
outside of WG4 meetings

Re the responses, I revised these based on the telcons since Paris. The only
open issue is that from Shawn re his proposal that addresses some 5
comments. We'll need to finalize the wording on that next week.

Since the most recent telcon, I receive private mail containing 23 editorial
corrections to the FDAMs. They are described in document 5 above.

Re the FDAMs, I applied all the changes from the telcons since Paris. I also
made quite a few editorial changes (formatting, headers, footers, and such)
based on a list of requirements sent to me by ITTF. I also applied the
corrections from document 5 above.

Our intent is to close out the FDAM ballot set on the next telcon.


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