Multiple roles of a single relationship name

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at
Sat Jan 30 08:30:12 CET 2010

Dear colleagues,

While reviewing the FPDAM text, I have come to wonder whether the
original is correct in specifying relationship names.  This is because
a few of the relationship names look strange to me.  Each of them 
applies to more than one part, while each of the others applies to a
single part only.

In particular, the following relationship name is particularly doubtful.

They apply to four of the shared parts specified in Clause 15 of Part 1. 
Is this really collect?  I just want to make sure that the FPDAMs
introduce more errors.

	Additional Characteristics Part (Part 1, Clause 15.2.1)
	Bibliography Part (Part 1, Clause 15.2.3)
	Content Part (Part 1, Clause 15.2.4)
	Custom XML Data Storage Part (Part 1, Clause 15.2.5)

Thee other relationship names also have multiple roles.  But they appear
to be correct, since they are used for WML, PML, and SML.


Style Definitions Part (Part 1, Clause 11.3.12)
Styles Part (Part 1, Clause 12.3.20)


Comments Part (Part 1, Clause 11.3.2)
Comments Part (Part 1, Clause 12.3.3)
Comments Part (Part 1, Clause 13.3.2)


Main Document Part (Part 1, Clause 11.3.10)
Workbook Part (Part 1, Clause 12.3.23)
Presentation Part (Part 1, Clause 13.3.6)


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