Draft for review: ISO 8601 date work on IS 29500

Jesper Lund Stocholm jesper.stocholm at ciber.dk
Sat Jul 10 22:13:28 CEST 2010


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> Subject: Draft for review: ISO 8601 date work on IS 29500
> Hi all - Gareth and I think we have got something to the point where
> can be reviewed by WG4. However - this is an early draft. The main
> areas of interest should be, I think, the line items in
> That summarises the work that we've tried to effect in this draft.
> The changes are shown using "faux change tracking" in the document -
> blue text is new; red strikethrough text is to be removed. The part 4
> sections take a little while to get used to - while reading those,
> in mind that Part 4 is an addendum and so adding to or removing from
> sometimes takes a little while to get used to on the eye...
> We'd really appreciate a deeper review from anyone with subject matter
> expertise here.

I think you have done a really good job on this.

Not really being an SME on this ...

A couple of typos:

* Page 14 (XIV):

Third paragraph in "date1904"-section has an "a" too many.

* You state on page 5 (V) that "Dates and times are specified in local
time, with no timezone designation permitted.", but on page 21 (XXI) it

"Each unique instant in SpreadsheetML time is stored as an ISO
8601-formatted string, which is made up of a date component, a time
component, and a timezone component."

* A bit further down in the example:

[Example: The time 08:30 could be represented in the following ways
within SpreadsheetML:
end example]

I am pretty sure "08:30.00" should be "08:30:00" (last period exchanged
with at colon).

Would it be relevant with an example containing decimals like
08:30:01.250 ?

* On page 26 (XXVI) - is there any reason for the simple types
ST_Objects and ST_UpdateLinks in the schema to be change tracked (it
looks like they were added).

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Jesper Lund Stocholm

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> The document is attached in both IS 29500 and PDF form. I'll also
> introduce it briefly in the WG4 call tomorrow. Gareth and I have a
> Mesh folder that we use to collaborate on this - if anyone would like
> access to the original tracked-changes document, please let either of
> us know and we'll permission you to that work area (the Part 1 changes
> are 22Mb, and as such don't befit emailing).
> Chris

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