Draft for review: ISO 8601 date work on IS 29500

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Hi Rick

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> > My reason for using "functions" is that we (CIBER) is in the "doc
> > generation business" and not in the "doc consumption business" as
> > Microsoft and others are. So we will likely be doing much more
> > generation stuff than consumption stuff.
> If the  sentence has to do with how programmers use dates in their own
> consumer applications, it probably does not belong in a spec for

Well, I was trying to explain why I thought the original prose could be
confusing for developers implementing OOXML. It could be read as a
normative requirement, but in quite a few use cases conversion of dates
to serial values will never take place.

> I thought it related to how dates were treated by the calculations in
> the OOXML spreadsheet functions. 

Yes - that was my intent when using the word "functions".

> That would be relevant and useful information.


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