DR 10-0035 ? MCE: Dropping preserveElements and preserveAttributes

Chris Rae Chris.Rae at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 15 22:01:49 CET 2010

Hi Murata-san - I think what you want regarding markup editors is covered by another DR (10-0034 C&E: Drop Application-Defined Extension Elements).

I'd agree that we should address this sort of thing in a revision rather than a COR - however, we do need to agree on the semantics of the changes and so it doesn't seem to do any harm to resolve these DRs in WG4 and then make sure that their resolutions are worked into the revision when we make headway on that.

We talked at some point of having a new DR status to indicate that they were deferred for a revision - we could always create this, or even close the DRs and make a separate list of changes to be incorporated in the next revision?


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I believe that we need more than your proposed changes.  For example, I think that markup editors should also be dropped since they are only for introducing preservation.  See my mail "Experiment: Revising Part 3"


I still think that the best way to address this DR together with other far-reaching DRs (namespace subsumption and application-defined extension elements) is revision rather than CORs.


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