DR 10-0035 ? MCE: Dropping preserveElements and preserveAttributes

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) eb2m-mrt at asahi-net.or.jp
Tue Nov 16 02:22:18 CET 2010


> I'd agree that we should address this sort of thing in a revision rather than 
> a COR - however, we do need to agree on the semantics of the changes and
> so it doesn't seem to do any harm to resolve these DRs in WG4 and then
> make sure that their resolutions are worked into the revision when we
> make headway on that.


> I think what you want regarding markup editors is covered by another DR 
>(10-0034 C&E: Drop Application-Defined Extension Elements).

Disagree.  Markup editors are introduced only for (loosely) describing preserveElements
and preserveAttributes.  Can application-defined extension elements also
be used for preserving something?  I didn't know that.

I also think that you missed some of the changes I made.  For example:

4. Terms and Definitions

Drop "Markup editor" and "preserve"

9.1	Core Concept

Drop "Within a markup document, a markup producer might 
also use Markup Compatibility attributes to suggest to a markup editor
that the editor attempt to preserve some ignored elements or attributes.
The markup editor can attempt to persist these ignored elements and
attributes when saving a markup document, despite the editor’s
inability to recognize the purpose of these ignored elements and

11. Model for Markup Consumption

Drop " In addition to producing such transformed output, the 
markup preprocessor might also implement mechanisms to optionally
provide to a markup editor the additional information necessary to
preserve some ignored content. "


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