Getting to grips with Custom XML

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Wed Apr 13 16:49:48 CEST 2011

I believe Alex's comment was in reference to the customXml element in the WordprocessingML namespace - Part 1, Section 17.5.1.  That element is not supported by any current implementations (that I'm aware of), whereas Structured Document Tags have been implemented by Word and other applications.

Making this a topic for discussion in Berlin sounds good to me.

- Doug

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Hello all,

Just to be clear: we are talking about "Structured Document Tags (Part 1 29500:2011, 17.5.2), right?

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> Dear all,
> Should we be removing the Custom XML feature from OOXML? And if so
> Strict, or Transitional, or both?
> Since this technology does not appear to be currently implemented, and 
> seems unlikely to be implemented ever (I'd be keen to know if anybody
> information to the contrary) it serves no purpose in the standard -
> may in fact work against the interests of practical interoperability.
> Perhaps this could be a topic for Discussion in Berlin?
> - Alex.
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