Rewriting the scope of Part 3

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Hi Jesper - I think this is right, and this actually matches what Murata-san was mentioning about us seeding the pre-processor in those Parts. This was something that Florian had worked on during the Berlin WG4 meetings, and I think the solution works well but I'd like to see that integrated into the standard before we think about separating these Parts into other standards.


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Hi Chris,

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> Hi all - if I remember correctly, we do have a slight problem with
> MCE generic with regard to the suspension of MCE processing inside
> collections. I know we talked in Berlin about some possible ways to
> around that, but I don't think we settled on anything - I'd be
> to head down the road of generalising MCE before that problem is

Would a pragmatic solution be to generalise MCE and - ahem - 'extend' or 'augment' it in Part 1 and Part 4 of OOXML?

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