Revised document conformance text

Rex Jaeschke rex at
Tue Jul 12 18:30:15 CEST 2011

Murata-san wrote:

> This DR was moved to the last call queue in Berlin.  Since Doug raised a
> question and some people agreed, it now went back to "Further
> Consideration Required".  WG4 will discuss this issue in the next teleconf
> 2011-07-28.

I have adjusted the status of these 3 DRS appropriately.

While I have no problem with WG4's discussing this topic on the next
teleconference, I object to its attempting to close these DRs at that time.

As you may recall, I am the liaison to Ecma TC45 (OOXML) and Ecma TC46
(OpenXPS). During the deliberations for ECMA-376 (the precursor to 29500)
some very capable people (led by Phillip Mansfield of Apple and Tom Ngo of
NextPage) spent a LOT of time drafting the conformance text. Given the
typically low turnout at recent WG4 teleconferences and the fact that many
(most?) participants are multitasking while being on a call (just like they
were in Berlin when this was rushed through), I request that "high impact"
items such as this one only be closed at Face-to-Face meetings where
participation is higher and adequate time is spent. Assuming we discuss this
at the next teleconference, I'll be able to solicit from TC45 and TC46 their
feedback on the final proposal coming from that call before the Busan


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