Comments from Prof. Ning on Kihon-hanmen DRs

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Dear colleagues,

I am forwarding comments from Prof. Ning on DRs around Kihon-Hanme, namely
DR 11-0008, DR 11-0009, DR 11-0010, and DR 11-0011.


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Date: 2012/4/4
Subject: 答复: Issues around 版心, 판의 면, 版面, or Layout Grid for OOXML
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Dear colleagues,

I have written down some comments, please see the attachment.

Best regards,
Ning Li

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主题: Issues around 版心, 판의 면, 版面, or Layout Grid for OOXML

Dear colleagues,

SC34/WG4 plans to consider four defect reports about
版心, 판의 면, 版面, or Layout Grid in the upcoming F2F meeting in Brazil

DR 11-0008, “WML: Kihon-hanmen-based page design”
DR 11-0009, “WML: The margin specified in the w:pgMar element and the
margin in effect”
DR 11-0010, “WML: The number of characters per line”
DR 11-0011, “WML: The number of lines per page”

Inputs from China and Korea are very welcome.

SC34/WG4 convenor

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