DR 13-0009, "Conformance and MCE"

Francis Cave francis at franciscave.com
Wed Jul 24 00:34:50 CEST 2013

Thanks, Rex. I’m probably stating the obvious, but this is only one of a
number of changes that revision of Part 3 is likely to oblige us to make to
Part 1. We will certainly need to review those clauses in Part 1 that
mention MCE features, including §10 in its entirety and §17.17.3, §18.2.7,
§L.1.18.4 and §L.7.3.






From: Rex Jaeschke [mailto:rex at RexJaeschke.com] 
Sent: 23 July 2013 22:52
To: SC 34 WG4
Subject: DR 13-0009, "Conformance and MCE"


With Francis’ permission, I have turned his proposal below into a new DR
(see attachment). That way, we can keep track of it separate from the Part 3
revision, which lead to his proposal.







From: Francis Cave [mailto:francis at franciscave.com] 
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Subject: Revision of Part 3 - Impact upon Part 1 Clause 2.1 Conformance


Dear all


I have an action in the minutes of the Bellevue meeting to propose the
changes to Part 1 Clause 2.1 that would be necessitated by the
currently-proposed revisions to Part 3.


I propose the following changes to Part 1 §2.1:


In §2.1, third bulleted item, sub-item I, replace the entire current text
with: “The Part may contain markup in the Markup Compatibility namespace as
specified in ISO/IEC 29500-3”.


In §2.1, third bulleted item, sub-item ii, replace “using the mechanism”
with: “by an MCE processor as specified”





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