DR 13-0006 - General: Improper use of trademarks

Alex Brown alexb at griffinbrown.co.uk
Fri May 10 09:38:45 CEST 2013

Sterling work Chris :-)

My mind however, is magnetized by the thought of why "Woman in Red" is

- Alex.

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I have been investigating the changes necessary for DR 13-0006, which
requests that trademarks are acknowledged correctly in all parts of ISO/IEC
29500. The DR mentions specifically "PivotTable", "Microsoft" and "Excel",
but requests that other trademarks are taken into account.

I haven't made any effort to track down or acknowledge non-Microsoft
trademarks as quite honestly I'm not sure how to go about doing that.
However, I have done what I think is a very thorough pass on Microsoft
trademarks. Using the published list at
spx, I have scanned all four parts of 29500 and changed any use of Microsoft
trademarks to properly acknowledge those trademarks. Some of them were
fairly expected (e.g. "SQL Server"; "ActiveX") but some of them were more
ambiguous or unexpected (e.g. "Access"; "Calibri"; "Wingdings"). I changed
only references in text - use of trademarks inside example data or field
values I've left as they were to retain compatibility.

During the course of this I learned that Microsoft has some slightly odd
trademarks (e.g. "Mouse Mischief"; "Woman in Red").

There are a lot of changes to the standard required as a result of this.
There are 491 changes to Part 1 (of which around three quarters are
"PivotTable" occurrences). I've attached the changes necessary to all four
parts - we should perhaps discuss in Bellevue how exactly to work these into
the maintenance schedule.


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