Which XAdES profile?

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Agree.  Further, my understanding is that, from a format perspective, any XAdES profile may be used if a file supports use of XML-DSig.  It's up to an implementation to support various profiles.  I believe Microsoft Office supports up through -X-L but not -A, which is why MS-OFFCRYPTO discusses it.  I'd think that ODF the format would allow an implementation to use -A even without specifically discussing additional requirements to place on use of XAdES in ODF files.  I'd assume the same for OOXML.  Again, since OOXML supports XML-DSig and XAdES uses built-in extensibility, OOXML should automatically allow for the use of all profiles of XAdES.  Whether we want to apply specific requirements on its use to guarantee a certain level of information in a signed file is open to discussion.


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On 23.4.2014 6:47, MURATA Makoto wrote:
> XAdES has quite a few profiles.  Which one should
> 29500-2 support?
> Both ODF 1.2 Part 3 and [MS-OFFCRYPTO] appear 
> to use the XAdES-X-L profile.  This is because neither 
> mention ArchiveTimeStamp (which is specific to the 
> biggest profile XAdES-A) but both mention 
> CertificateValues (which is specific to XAdES-X-L).
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Ideally anything up to XAdES-A should be supported, so user can choose level of signature security and longevity. In some countries for some use specific level of XAdES is prescribed.


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