OPC changes between ECMA 1st edition & 29500:2008

John Haug johnhaug at exchange.microsoft.com
Wed Jan 8 01:07:20 CET 2014

Pending Rex sending out a doc he might have, I did a diff of the OPC parts in ECMA-376 1st ed and 29500:2008 and found these categories of changes:

*         Addition of Part IRI syntax subsections in (what is now) clause 9

*         Removal of diagrams and prose duplicating content from the xmldsig-core W3C standard

*         Scattered minor substantive (clarifications, mostly) and editorial changes, also including the following larger changes:

o   Added XML and RELAX NG schema to the document that were previously electronic-only (unknown if any were changed)

o   Related changes to requirements tables in (what is now) Annex H

This confirms that the set of changes to add Part IRI (mostly within 9.1.1 Part Names but with related changes needed elsewhere) is the primary content needing improvement.  It also shows that some xmldsig duplication was already removed, so the remaining content needs to be carefully reviewed to see if there is a good reason it remains.

Rex, if you have no such doc, let me know and I'll send out the one I created using Word's Compare feature.

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