Proposed overview/scope of work for OPC revision

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Wed Jan 8 01:16:55 CET 2014

To reach consensus on scope and to better understand what we're intending to accomplish before we get lost in details, may I suggest the following as the list of topics we want to address in our changes to Part 2?  All open DRs marked for Part 2 should be included below.  Anything to add/remove/change before we agree on what we're going to do?

I'm going to try to organize a set of reference info, more thorough than the short list I sent out quickly on Thursday, to include numerous of old e-mail threads, documents, etc.  If I am able to do so, I may put it on a new Wiki page on the WG 4 Assembla wiki (  I would also add the below, plus changes.

1. Combining IRI/URI

*         09-0280 - general DR about sections of OPC assuming non-ASCII is disallowed

*         09-0281 - terminology; all uses of "part" should specify what kind of part is meant

*         09-0283 - similar to 09-0280

*         09-0284 - terminology; need to re-associate the ABNF term names with the prose for part names

*         09-0285 - terminology; use of "part IRI" and "part URI"

*         09-0286 - need to update 9.2 (Part Addressing) to specify the format of a reference, based on the changes to be made to 9.1.1 (Part Names)

*         09-0288 - same as 09-0286, but for 9.3.2 (Relationship Markup)

*         09-0291 - terminology; specify what "Unicode string" means, based on the changes to be made to 9.1.1

*         09-0292 - which characters are allowed in a part name (e.g., whitespace, delimiters, special characters)

*         13-0002 - fix previous changes made to Annex H for introduction of non-ASCII support

*         Add cautionary language noting that implementations might only support ASCII/URIs?  Anything to note in Part 1?

2. Relative/absolute referencing

*         10-0015 - clarify "source part" for relationships

*         Add cautionary language about detailed interpretations of relative vs. absolute references as defined in RFC 3986?

3. Pack URI

*         09-0293 - decide how, and whether, to handle IANA registration

o   (see also historic info, including issues with Pack URI, here:,

4. Digital signatures

*         11-0029 - is content from xmldsig-core duplicated in 13.2.4 (Digital Signature Markup)?

*         11-0030 - update normative reference to xmldsig-core?

*         11-0031 - update reference to xmlsec schema?

*         What, if anything, needs to be said about ensuring XAdES use is allowed?

5. Versioning

*         09-0168 - cannot distinguish between ECMA 1st ed OPC package and later versions (e.g., 29500 supports non-ASCII)

6. Editorial misc

*         12-0001 - unify capitalization of "relationship part"

*         Remove reference to Part 3 from clause 8 (Overview)
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