COR3 issue: ST_OnOff

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Fri Aug 14 23:51:54 CEST 2015

Background: See Murata-san's e-mail "ST_OnOff1 in shared-commonSimpleTypes.xsd" (2015-07-04).

MM mail: ST_OnOff1 exists in schema but missing from prose? (from Amd.1?)
29500-4:2012: defined in schema, neither ST_OnOff1 ("on", "off") nor ST_OnOff (union of Boolean & ST_OnOff1) referenced in prose

*         14.5.2 legacy at legacy refers to ST_OnOff from Part 1; no other references to that
No changes noted in 29500-4-2012-Cor-1-2015 (WG 4 N 0300)

The immediate question here is whether to add a subclause for ST_OnOff1.  The general question is whether there are other simple types in schema missing from prose.  Because of 14.5.2, I also wondered whether there were references to simple types in Part 1 that should really refer to the same simple type in Part 4.  I did some analysis on 29500-4:2012 and the schemas on the Assembla site, which is attached.  Walking through it...

*         Searched Part 4 for all references to simple types (i.e., the ST every attribute claims defines its values, at the bottom of every attribute defintion)

*         Filtered for those referencing Part 1

*         Listed all the simple types defined in prose in Part 4

*         --> Checked which Part 4 attributes reference a simple type in Part 1 (see below)

*         Obtained the simple types (594) from the Part4UrgentCOR_2015<> branch

*         Obtained the simple types (522) from the Part1COR_2015<> branch

o   According to the schemas, Part 4 contains every Part 1 ST plus 72 additional ones)

*         --> Checked which Part 4 schema STs do not have a corresponding prose subclause (see below)

Refers to ST in Part 1 but has a same-named ST with prose in Part 4:
- ST_Angle
- ST_ColorType
- ST_PercentageDecimal
- ST_TextBulletSizeDecimal
- ST_TrueFalse

STs in Part 4 schema not in Part 1 schema but with no prose definition in Part 4
- ST_OnOff1
- ST_WebSourceType

For both of these, since they were not part of any DRs handled by this COR(right?), I suggest we ignore them for the COR fixes.  Look further and, if appropriate, file a DR for later consideration.  Side note: I found that the table of contents for clause 20 is missing entries for 20.2, 20.3, 20.4.
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