DR 14-0016 SML: Number Formats

Chris Rae Chris.Rae at microsoft.com
Fri Feb 13 00:57:59 CET 2015


This DR concerns number format identifiers for spreadsheet styles, and asks whether the IDs given in 18.8.30 can be used by numFmt elements. I think the standard is broadly clear in this area (they cannot), but it does not explicitly state the restriction.

Proposed modifications to the standard are attached - I also cleared up some poor normative wording while I was there.

The submitter also mentions that Excel appears never to use values less than 164 in numFmtId (a significantly higher low-bound than dictated by the standard). I've confirmed that this is true. Excel loads files with values of under 164 in numFmtId, but will never write out anything less than 164 as a numFmtId. Whilst this is slightly odd behaviour, the standard does not dictate the methodology that should be used in picking numFmtId values outside the preset list in 18.8.30, so I certainly don't think the standard should be updated to reflect this and I don't believe Microsoft's implementer notes need contain it either. Excel both consumes and creates files that are conformant with the standard.

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