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Hi Rex,


I have updates from the Excel team for discussing tomorrow.


DR 14-0013 - SML: definedName attribute localSheetId

Here’s Excel’s recommendation for this.  It’s similar to Rex’s most recent
version with changes indicating that localSheetId is a 0-based index into
the elements within CT_Sheets and has no connection to the sheetId attribute
on the CT_Sheet.  Highlighting indicated changes:




localSheetId (Local Name Sheet Id)

Specifies that this defined name is a sheet-scoped reference, and specifies
the a parent sheet index in this workbook where data from an external
reference is displayed. The localSheetId specifies the 0-based index of the
parent sheet within the CT_Sheets element.  The combination of localSheetId
and name attributes shall be unique among all defined names.

[Example: In the following example, theA defined name, local scoped to the
sheet with sheetIdID 1 equal to 2upon which it resides, with its
accompanying sheet definition, refers to a range whose data source is an
external database called “Northwind_Database”:

<definedName name="Northwind_Database"


    <sheet name="Sheet1" sheetId="2" r:id="rId1"/>

    <sheet name="Sheet4" sheetId="0" r:id="rId2"/>

    <sheet name="Sheet5" sheetId="1" r:id="rId3"/>



end example]

[Note: Although not a typical use case, a name scoped to one particular
sheet may refer to a cell reference in another. End note]

For further information on local defined names, see §L.2.2.11.

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the W3C XML Schema
unsignedInt datatype.






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