DR-16-0016: Final disposition

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I have one thing to add to this resolution based on the DR-14-0015:

2016-02-29/03-02 Barcelona Meeting:
Response from Darrin s team:
Add a new Implementer note. Some of the specific questions around when excel does/doesn t remove unnecessary style specifications from the file are out-of-scope.  The in-scope question here is regarding Excel s requirements on the names of user-defined styles.  Excel does require unique names, we should add a note for this.

I don't remember any follow up on this but this should be included in the narrative and not just in the implementer's notes: having unique names for cellStyles is logical (I cannot think of a reason why this should not be the case) and would resolve most of the problems I've experienced here:  
LibreOffice causes more problems than Excel but at least they have a public bug tracker.

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