FW: Review of DR 16-0008 — SML: sortState

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Feedback from Charlie re Francis' posting.


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> Hello from Tokyo. We ll wrap up our meeting on Thursday.

Hi Rex,

thanks very much for this. I did get the previous e-mail from Microsoft  from you but was frankly largely baffled. It looks to me like Francis has done an excellent job of providing the necessary, though a global sortState for a worksheet looks vestigial as much as anything else.

I suspect you won't have time for these in Tokyo but just in case:

	* the left, right, top, bottom attributes of CT_GradientFill should have min=0, max=1 to match the descriptive specification
	* sticking with GradientFills it would be nice to have some feedback from MS on practical limits on the number of stops within a gradient fill
	* it would be nice to have some examples of SQREF containting multiple cells or cell ranges. This is implicit in the use of the XML list type but it would be good to see the narrative documentation mention it a couple of times such as in DataValidation, ConditionalFormatting, and series definitions in charts
	* CT_Col: is it possible to have a single column covered by multiple column definitions? And if so how are these resolved? A common use case seems to be grouping for outline purposes but different widths.

Happy to split these into different DRs as appropriate.

Greetings from France.

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