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Dear Rex,


Thanks for the update. I presume that the text you are proposing is the final version in the document, i.e. the edits to my new short version, not the edits to old longer version. If so, I have no objection to the rules. I am sorry my enquiry created so much work.


However, I must point out that if you do not specify random generation of Revision Save IDs in the second rule, some readers will presume that there is some way, or that they should devise some way, of checking all branched copies of a document, or a central database of their Revision Save IDs, before generating a new Revision Save ID. Since this is not practical, the only way to minimise the probability of a duplicated Revision Save ID is random generation from the values not already listed in the rsids element. Any other method will not minimise the probability of duplication. I make this point because, in my experience, even some of the best-educated people are easily confused by probability.


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