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Replying to both your messages about the Dublin Core references.  This
remains an awkward situation.

Background -- for those who don't remember and as I check the latest

OPC uses elements from [A] the original 15-element set of Dublin Core
elements (in its version 1.1) AND from [B] the so-called "terms"
extension.  Elements from [B] include dcterms:created and dcterms:modified.

The terms in [A] and [B] are both defined in the human-readable document at
and in text/turtle at

I agree that we should not refer to the text/turtle versions.  I think
there used to be purls that referred to the human-readable versions, but
that would have been in the 1990s and I don't find anything now.

[A]   is also defined at
    ISO 15836-1:2017  Information and documentation -- The Dublin Core
metadata element set -- Part 1: Core elements


For [B],
    ISO/NP 15836-2   is a new proposal for an ISO standard that would solve
or problem.

For now, I don't see how we can avoid referring to  and doing whatever the rules

In summary, I agree with your proposals:

Use the ISO 15836-1 reference for the Dublin Core MetadataElement Set V1.

Use for  DCMI Metadata Terms
(this would let us easily switch to using
15836-2 in the unlikely situation that it gets through the ISO process in


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On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 3:42 AM, MURATA Makoto <eb2m-mrt at>

> Folks,
> At preseent, the normative refence to DCMI Metadata Terms
> in 29500-2 is a link
> But this link does not provide a human readable result.  I thus
> would like to revise this reference.  A human readable document
> is:
> DCMI Metadata Terms,
>  *
> <>*
> But we have to make sure that either Dublin Core
> is an approved reference specification originator or we
> prepare a reference explanatory report.
> Regards,
> Makoto
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