Clause §8.2.5 XML Usage

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==== current text (trimmed) ===
XML content ....should conform to the following:
3)   Any extensions in the XML content are removed by an MCE processor as
specified in ISO/IEC 29500-3 before applying validation and subsequent

This reads oddly.  It is a requirement on processing not on the content.
Also, it is the first mention of Part 3 in normative text (as opposed to as
a normative reference).

Would the following be better?

3)   The XML content may contains extensions using mechanisms specified in
ISO/IEC 29500-3.  Such extensions are (s*hould be?*) removed by an MCE
processor, as specified in ISO/IEC 29500-3, before applying validation
what?*) and subsequent processing.

     Best,  Caroline
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