Clause (new numbering) -- some suggestions

caroline arms caroline.arms at
Fri Jan 26 15:31:52 CET 2018

1.   Heading "Relationships Part around Digital Signature"
I would change "around" to "associated with".  Makes more sense and matches
heading of previous subclause.
[Aside: My copy of MS Word objects to "around."]

2.  The first paragraph doesn't provide enough context for the parts
involved, given that digital signatures don't come until clause 12.  At the
very least we need a reference to 12.3 Digital Signature Parts.

3.  In first paragraph, I would change "is targeted by" to "is the target

4.  The diagram would be better if there was an explanation that the arrows
represent relationships as in the diagrams in clause 12.

      Best wishes,  Caroline
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