Clause -- Relationships Part -- a couple of editorial issues

caroline arms caroline.arms at
Fri Jan 26 17:04:32 CET 2018

Murata-san and Rex,

1.  Currently 8.5.3 and have the same heading. Is that OK?

2.  I don't see a corresponding table for any of the other Parts.  See 10.2
for the Core Properties Part, for example.

3.  If we do want the table, the capitalization in the top left cell of the
table needs to be fixed.  But should it be "Media Type" (using title
capitalization) or Media type (just initial cap.).  If the latter, then
"Namespace" in cell below should probably be "namespace.   I suspect
capitalization in lefthand (label) columns needs to be checked throughout.


PS This is based on numbering in Murata-san's latest online draft.
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