Notes on WD3.5 for OPC

caroline arms caroline.arms at
Sun Sep 9 18:33:29 CEST 2018

Murata-san, Rex,

Attached are notes from my reading of the latest draft for OPC.  I can't
guarantee to have read every word, but it was fairly thorough.

Most suggestions are editorial, but I did run into a few questions/issues
that may have more substance.

Removing the schema text from Annex C has created problems for lots of
links.  Links in Annex don't function for me.  Most links to schemas in
Annex C are now non-functional or unhelpful.  My notes mention a few
examples but are not comprehensive on that point.

I will hope to call in tomorrow for the afternoon session.  Please send
email letting me know when you plan to re-assemble after lunch.  I will be
driving between Ithaca and Bethesda and ignoring my phone. Asynchronous
communication is better.  I will stop and send email if it looks as though
I am not going to be available by 1pm Seattle time (4pm Eastern).

     Thanks.  Caroline

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