Notes on WD3.5 for OPC

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Rex, Murata-san, et al.,

Here is my suggested rewording for the paragraph about relationship

Relationships have relationship identifiers (term 3.2.15). These
identifiers allow relationships to be distinguished from one another. An
identifier can also be used to associate the target of a relationship with
a specific point in a source part (for example, to represent a hyperlink),
by embedding the relationship identifier at that point.

    I hope you have a good meeting with the OPC experts.  I'm sorry I can't
listen in.

    Thanks.  Caroline

On Sun, Sep 9, 2018 at 12:33 PM, caroline arms <caroline.arms at>

> Murata-san, Rex,
> Attached are notes from my reading of the latest draft for OPC.  I can't
> guarantee to have read every word, but it was fairly thorough.
> Most suggestions are editorial, but I did run into a few questions/issues
> that may have more substance.
> Removing the schema text from Annex C has created problems for lots of
> links.  Links in Annex don't function for me.  Most links to schemas in
> Annex C are now non-functional or unhelpful.  My notes mention a few
> examples but are not comprehensive on that point.
> I will hope to call in tomorrow for the afternoon session.  Please send
> email letting me know when you plan to re-assemble after lunch.  I will be
> driving between Ithaca and Bethesda and ignoring my phone. Asynchronous
> communication is better.  I will stop and send email if it looks as though
> I am not going to be available by 1pm Seattle time (4pm Eastern).
>      Thanks.  Caroline

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